24 Jan
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The Process of Getting Dentures in Troy, MI: What to Expect

False teeth are another term that describes dentures. When all or parts of the teeth are being replaced by a detachable device, they might be classified as complete or partial dentures. The remaining teeth in the case of partial dentures can be employed as a grasp or anchorage point to increase denture stability. Dentures are completely manufactured, so a process is followed to guarantee that the fit, aesthetics, and functionality are all as good as possible.

The Making of Dentures

Dentures come in many forms, including implant dentures and detachable dentures. The more conventional choice of removable dentures calls for the patient to take them out before bedtime. As we affix implant dentures directly to the jaw, they are not detachable. We won’t suggest implant dentures unless the patient is in good health and has no more usable teeth.

A Checkup At the Dentist’s Clinic

The initial step is to inspect the patient’s teeth and assess their dental health. The dentist will look for any indications of illness, tooth decay, past dental work that could interfere with the placement of dentures, and any more teeth that would need to be extracted during this examination.

Developing The Dentures

Following the consultation, the dentist will take measurements and a model of the teeth to guarantee that the dentures perfectly fit the natural teeth. The dental lab will next construct the dentures according to the specifications after receiving these measurements.

The Dentures’ Fitting

After the dentures are finished, the dentist will invite the patient in for a fitting to ensure they fit properly. They ensure the person can wear the dentures without experiencing any discomfort. During this session, they will make any required adjustments to the dentures.

Becoming Used to Dentures

There won’t be any pain, but getting used to wearing dentures may take some time. Although it could take some getting used to, the patient will soon have the same function and control as they would with natural teeth.

FAQs about Dentures in Troy, MI

How should I handle loose dentures?

The bone and tissue may slightly contract as the years go by. Your dentures will begin to loosen as a result. Additionally, you can notice that the denture might lose as you lose or gain weight. Relining dentures might make them snugger once more. You might require a replacement denture if the base is damaged.

Do I brush dentures the same way I do natural teeth?

If at all feasible, clean your dentures after each meal. The best course of action is to remove and rinse them. If possible, it is advisable to rinse the mouth to remove any dirt and to brush the dentures. After brushing them at night, soak your dentures.


There are many factors to consider when deciding whether or not to get dentures. The cost of dentures in Troy, MI can be a significant factor, as they range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Insurance may cover some costs, but it is crucial to check with your provider to see how much they will cover. Another factor to consider is the time it takes to get used to your dentures. It can take several weeks or even months to get used to the feel of dentures in your mouth. Contact Leske Dental in Troy, MI, for more information.


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